4-6 Tournament Rules

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4th to 6th Grade Tournament Rules
Alexander Soccer Club

An end-of-season tournament occurs generally when there are more than three teams in the 4th/ 5th/ 6th grade division.  These rules are notional and will be tailored to match the number of teams in the division.
Tournament rules

  1. Teams will play 6v6 (5 and a goalie) or 7v7 depending on number of kids and coaches that season. 
    1. Example if game is 6v6. If a team’s roster is 5, the game will be played 6v5.
    2. If both teams’ rosters are 5, the game can be played 5v5.
    3. If either team’s roster is 4 or fewer players, the game will be considered a 3-0 forfeit by the team with 4 or less players.  If neither team has more than 4 players, the game is recorded as “no contest”, and no game points are awarded to either team.
  2. If one team cannot field a full team of 6 and the goal difference reaches 3, the game can be called and points awarded for the win (3) and a goal differential of +3.
    1. Both teams’ coaches must agree on calling the game. 
    2. If the game is not called, and the score becomes a 5 goal difference, the game is automatically called.
    3. If a game is called, the coaches can mix players from both teams and finish the game in whatever format the coaches agree upon. Example: If you were playing 6v5, you could combine teams and play 6v6 or play 5v5.
  3. Same game and general rules apply.  There are no 2nd chances on throw-ins.
  4. Tournament games are designated on the schedule.
  5. Tourney format
    1. Can change based on the number of teams in the season.
    2. A round-robin format will be used.  Each team will play each other once for the tournament.
    3. Tournament games can end in a tie.
    4. Points will be awarded for each game in accordance with the following schedule:
      1. Three points for a WIN
      2. One point for a TIE
      3. Zero points for a LOSS
    5. In the event of a tie in the final standings (based on the scoring listed above), the following will be used to determine the final standings for tied teams.
      1. Head to head results
      2. Goal differential (maximum of +/- 3 goal difference per game)
      3. Most goals scored (maximum of 3 goals per game)
      4. Least goals allowed (total for 3 games in tournament with no limit)
      5. Penalty kicks
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