Rotation Schedules

Rotation Schedules
The object of the rotation schedule is so that all players get a chance to play the different positions. Hopefully it will help to keep games more fun too. Give each player a number starting with 1. The important thing is that you place the kids in an order and the kids play the different positions and take turns sitting out. Generally, place players that are more likely to score or stop goals in 1, but the order is not something to spend much time thinking about. The Excel and PDF files have different sheets or pages depending on how many kids you have at a game.

For the first scheduled game use the rotation schedule for game one and so forth.

Remember the goal is to have kids play all positions. If you run into situation where it is not in the best interest of the kid to play a certain position (mainly goalie), it is ok to move someone around. This should not be done because it decreases your odds of winning, but because the kid is not yet ready for that position. You can work on these skills in drills/games and scrimmages during practices.

During the 3rd-4th grade and 5th-6th grade tournaments you must rotate you kids in and out of the game. You can play them in the positions you like, but you must rotate kids out. No kid should set more than one quarter out a game and it should not be the same kids every game. 

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Click on the following links for PDFs of the rotation schedules. 

Rotation for 6 Players 
Rotation for 7 Players
Rotation for 8 Players 
Rotation for 9 Players 
Rotation for 10 Players